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MJ Scriptz

Producer/Rapper/Song Writer

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About MJ Scriptz

Natural ability for story telling, a strong will to help others, and intense determination has propelled MJ Scriptz forward to this point in their career. While they have achieved so much, there’s still a great deal they want to accomplish in the world of music.

Receiving Distinction Grade in Music Technology HNC (Lv4) in 2021. 

Currently studying HND (Lv5) in Music Technology at Northampton College

Throughout the course of their musical career, MJ Scriptz has won over the hearts of those that struggle with mental health. Using his authentic lyrics, unique flow and bouncy beats, MJ Scriptz amplifies the real hardship millions of people deal with everyday.

Releasing over 70 singles in 2020/21, with a large heart for collaboration. MJ Scriptz featured on BBC Introducing Northampton Radio in July 2020 with his solo track "Is This Love", and  "Wouldn't Wish This - Pt 2" in February 2021, and he produced and featured on "Ronan- Cola (Club Mix)" which aired on the 7th and 14th of August 2021.

MJ Scriptz is continuing to record new singles. His Ep's "One for the Trouble", Two for the Struggle" and "Free for the Summer" are all now available to stream and buy from all major online stores.


MJ Scriptz 
"One for the Trouble"

Produced by MartynB & Jay10k

MJ Scriptz has made a huge impact as a gifted Hip Hop/Rap Artist in such a short time.  With 16 years of creative writing and a lifestyle of hard times and wrong decisions, MJ Scriptz delivers real authenticity on his Debut album.
"One for the Trouble" is available in all major online stores now, or purchase a downloadable copy directly from the "Music" section above.

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MJ Scriptz 
"Two for the Struggle"

Produced by MJ Scriptz 

Music Production by Jay10k, Op Beats & Veysigz

MJ Scriptz has delivered a second EP titled "Two for the Struggle"

This EP reveal's a deep and moving story behind MJ Scriptz memories and shady past. 

Written during U.K Lockdown MJ Scriptz still manages to keep momentum progressing, "Hope" (feat. Sammy B) gaining over 5k streams on Spotify and "Wouldn't Wish This 'Pt 2', featuring on BBC Introducing's Northampton Radio.

"Two for the Struggle"

is available in most major online stores now.


MJ Scriptz 
"Free for the Summer"

Produced by MJ Scriptz 

Music Production by MarytnB, Jay10k, 15th Junction, Veysigz & Cold Fury

"Free for the Summer" is a Cluboration collection packed with energy, summer vibes and moving melodies. 

Having collaborated with many artists during U.K Lockdown inc. Nick Tara and Seany Collins. This EP will get you moving and ready for the Summer to come! 

"Free for the Summer" is available in most major online stores now.



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